Our Family

We Make It Happen... Together!

We are a Veteran family who started this small business created in June 2019.  We both  have dedicated service in the United States Army. Our goal is to create a legacy for our children by crafting one of a kind pieces that are memorable for you to adore in your living space.  Weather it is furniture, countertops, bathrooms, or jewelry each design is uniquely custom using epoxy and a little imagination.

Travis Swan

Builder, Craftsman, Instructor

Travis is the founder.  His ideas sparked the journey we are now on.  You truly see his passion when he is working to make a vision come true.  There is not a more dedicated person to see it through.  Travis focuses on building custom furniture, conducting epoxy pours, and teaching classes in epoxy techniques.

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Anita Swan

Operations, Consultation, Marketing

Anita is the heart of this Family venture (Both literally and figuratively).  Anita can help walk you through the design process and meet with you to understand your design needs.  Her love, care, and attention to detail will ensure all your needs are met.


Icyss Teadt

Artist, Designer, Entrepreneur

Our daughter is the manager of the jewelry department of our business.  Yes, at 15 she produces her own custom jewelry, figurines, and sketch drawings, all made to order.  We believe in fueling the fire of creativity and so does Icyss.  You will not be disappointed with your next piece of wearable epoxy jewelry.